Repair Services .
   - Motors  
   - Drives 
   - Controls
   - Panel Meters
   - NIST Calibration
Servo System Selection / System Design
   - Motion Sizing of Belt or Screw Actuators
   - Application Design and Sizing
   - Servo, Stepper, Closed Loop Vector
   - Complete offering:  Controller, Drive,
      Motor, Gear, Actuator, Conveyor
Risk Assessment & Machine Safety
Risk Assessment    Our Machine safety specialists will visit your plant to identify the tasks and hazardous points on your machines. We then recommend solutions for each identified hazard that stems from an ANSI / ISO Standard or OSHA regulation. A detailed report is provided that states all the dangerous points of the machine, the ANSI / ISO based solutions, and recommends wiring for the safety controls and the risk associated with your machine.
Machine Safety Integration   We have the capability to take your existing machine schematics and redesign them to meet the required standards from a safety controls and mechanical perspective.
PE Engineering Services
We provide Professional Engineering Services for the industrial market:
    - Machine Design
    - Machine Programming
    - Stress Analysis (Calculations and FEA)
    - CAD Modeling and Drafting
    - Fixturing and Workholding Solutions
    - Design-Build-Troubleshoot
    - Power Harmonics Transients Mitigation
    - Large Gear, Motor and Drive Sizing
Pneumatic Selection & Design Expert   
    - Motion Sizing of Cylinder and Vacuum
    - Pneumatic Circuit Schematics
    - Complete offering: Plant Tubing, FRL,
      Valve, Fitting, Actuator, Sensor.