Animatics   - Integrated Servo Motors with Screw or Belt Actuators
Exlar -  Roller Screw driven Rod-Type Cylinders & AC or DC Integrated Motors
Festo  -  Rotary and Linear Positioners, Electric Rod-Type Cylinders
Kuroda Jena Tec    - Ball screw and Linear bearing rail, Cut-to-length 2-Day service 
LM76    - Rail, Screws, Rollers, Composites, Screw Actuators
Macron Dynamics   - Custom Robotic Belt Actuators and Assemblies
Marzorati - Jack screws and geared actuators
Mindman Pneumatics   - Screw or Belt Actuators, Electric Cylinders
Paletti  - Custom Robotic Belt Actuators using Structural Extrusion
Parker Daedal - Rotary and Linear Positioners and Stages, Electric Cylinders
SEW Eurodrive    - Electric Rod-Type Roller Screw and Ball Screw Cylinders
Dalton Gear -   OSD Overload Couplings, Idler Tensioners, Worm Reducers
GAM -  Servo Insert, Metal Bellows, Magnetic Coupling Technology, Line Shafts
SEW Eurodrive - TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system
US Tsubaki - Power-Lock Shaft locking Devices
US Tsubaki - Echt-Flex Couplings
Unitronics PLC / HMI  -  All in one programming, modular IO, Field Bus, Advanced Communication, Free Software, Incredible Factory Support.  NEW VFD offering..!
Servo Controller
Delta ASDA-B - Multi axis EtherCat Controller
Drive Web - Muilt Axis EtherNet IP Contoller
PAC - PC Based, Programable Automation Controller
Trio Motion - Multi axis EtherCat Controller
Servo Stepper
Animatics - NEMA 17, 23 & 34 Integrated Servo
Copley Controls - Step Motor Drives, Servo Motor Drives, AC & DC, EtherCat, CAN 402
Delta Electronics - IEC Servo Motors& Drives
Koco Motion - OEM Stepper & Servo Motors, Drives 
Delta Electronics - Linear Motor components
Exlar - Servo Gear Motors & Integrated Servo Motors
Sanyo Denki - OEM Stepper & Servo Motors, Drives, Autotuning, Vibration, Battery-less Absolute encoder
Planetary Gears
Apex Dynamics - Full Range Planetary Gear Reducers
Stober - Helical, Planetary, Worm Gear Reducers, Rack & Pinion
Vogel - Helical, Planetary, Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer