Bauer Geared Motors - Gear Motors
Emod Motoren - Electric Motors
Empire Magnetics - Special Environment Motors
Getty’s Motors - Machine Tool Replacement Motors
KEB - Gear Motors and Servo Motors
Lafert - IEC Gear Motors, Drives
Leeson Motors - NEMA Electric Motors and Controls
Lenze - IEC Gear Motors, Drives
Sesame Motor - OEM AC Motors, Brake Motors, Gears
SEW Eurodrive - IEC Gear Motors, Drives
Delta Static VAR Generator - 300 and 500 kVAR
   Reduces harmonic distortion
   Balances non-linear loads
   Improves power usage efficiency
   Avoids penalties due to low power factor
   Stable power provides stable operation
Delta Digital Power Meter  -  Analysis Tool
Bardac VFD - AC Drives 0.5 to 350 HP, DC Drives 0.5 to 2000 HP
Variable Frequency Drive VFD            $$
Delta C2000 - Fractional to 630HP / 840kW
  Built-in DC Reactor / Built-in DC Filter
  Built-in PLC / Built-in Brake / Clock
  Modbus RTU(std), Modbus TCP Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, CAN 402
  Various PG (encoder) feedback card / Position Control
  Supports both Synchronous and Asynchronous motors

WEG Electric - 4160 Medium Voltage, Engineered Products Group, AC Drives, Contactors, Breakers, Soft Starts, Motor Protection, Relays
Preferred Gears
Grove Gear - Worm Gear Reducers
Grove Gear Ironman GR / NH Series - Cast Iron
Lenze  -  High Efficiency Helical
SEW Eurodrive – High Efficiency Helicalal
Power System PE Engineering Service         PAID SERVICE
Our staff has expertise in power system topologies, transient suppressor design, embedded microprocessor controls and thermal management.  We are experienced in power system analysis involving harmonics mitigation, large motor starting and embedded control system solutions.