ASO Safety - Safety Mats, Tape style bumper sensors, Fork truck resistant
Baumer Huebner - Rotary Incremental Encoders
Baumer Thalheim - Rotary Incremental & Absolute Encoders
Dalton Gear - OSD Overload Safety Couplings
Encoder Products Inc. - Rotary Incremental Encoders
Euchner - Safety interlocks, non-contact, limit switches, man/machine interface

Haake - Valve Interlocks, Safety Mats & Bumpers
Kabelschlepp - Industrial Grade -Cable Track, Hi Flex cable, TotalTrax Turn-Key Systems

Leuze Electronic - Safety Light Curtains, Area Scanners, Interlocks                                            NEW Euchner MGB 2 Multi Function Gate Box
Leuze Electronic - Inductive Proximity, Photo Eyes, Laser Distance measuring
Mencom - Molded Cordsets, Cables, Plugs, Glands, Custom interfaces
Moeller Electric – Safety PLC, Relays, Estops and Interlocks
Paletti - Custom Hard Guarding Aluminum Framing, Door Interlocks
Fraba Encoders - BUS Interface Absolute & Incremental encoders, Linear Encoders, Inclinometers
Puls Power - Industrial High Inductance DC Power Supplies
REER – Safety Light Curtains, Safety PLC, Relays, Estops and Safecoder
Werma - Signal Devices: Audible, Optical, Beacons, Explosive atmosphere