HTD Belts
Macron Dynamics offers a special blend T10 steel belt. The durable polyurethane body resists chemicals, oil, pollutants, and abrasion. Robust steel cords combine minimal stretch with extraordinary strength. Nylon tooth facing provides durable wear surface for long life.
HTD part numbers are comprised of pitch, pitch length and width. For example; part number PC1190-14M-55 denotes “PC” for Poly Chain, 1190mm pitch length, 14mm pitch and 55mm width. Belt pitch is the distance in millimeters between two adjacent tooth centers as measured on the pitch line of the belt. Belt pitch length is the total length (circumference) in millimeters as measured along the pitch line.
Widest variety of chains
U.S. Tsubaki's premium roller chain products include: self-lube LAMBDA® series chain,  corrosion-resistant NEPTUNE® chain,  fatigue-resistant TITAN® super chain, and our latest generation of high-quality, long-lasting ANSI chain.
Appropriate for applications as diverse as food packaging, forklift trucks, oilfield mining, and more, U.S. Tsubaki's roller chains provide reliable and powerful performance. To learn more, please select bold links.
The Tsubaki KabelSchlepp Cable Carrier Family includes industrial grade solutions from heavy cranes to motion control and robots.
PIX manufactures an extensive range of Industrial Belts, Textile Machinery Belts, Automotive Belts, Agricultural Belts, wide range of Special Construction Belts to suit a wide array of applications.
PIX-X’set®            Wrapped Construction Belts
PIX-X’tra®           Moulded Raw-Edge V-Belts
PIX-X’ceed®        Ribbed / Poly V-Belts
PIX-X’act®           Synchronous / Timing Belts
PIX-X'pedient®   Polyurethane Belts and application specific, Variable Speed Belts, Banded Belts in Wrapped and Raw Edge construction to suite industrial and agricultural applications.

Other Special Construction Belts such as:  PIX-Duo®-XR (Double-Cogged), PIX-Duo®-XC (Double Ribbed), PIX-Duo®-XT (Double Timing),
PIX-X’pedient® (Polyurethane Belts), PIX-Textura®, PIX-Duo®-XS (Hexagonal), Ceramica, Extractor & Echelon Belts.