Bauer Geared Motors - Gear Motors
Emod Motoren - Electric Motors
Empire Magnetics - Special Environment Motors
Getty’s Motors - Machine Tool Replacement Motors
KEB - Gear Motors and Servo Motors
Lafert - IEC Gear Motors, Drives
Leeson Motors - NEMA Electric Motors and Controls
Lenze - IEC Gear Motors, Drives
Marathon Motors - PMAC, SynRM BlueMax, Globetrotter
MOOG Motors  - Large PMAC Servo Motors
Sesame Motor - OEM AC Motors, Brake Motors, Gears
SEW Eurodrive - IEC Gear Motors, Drives
Danfoss Drives - AC Drives 0.3 to 1877 HP
Invertek Drives - AC Drives 0.5 to 350 HP
Sensorless Vector Control for:
      IM            Asynchronous or Induction Motors
      PMAC      Permanent Magnet AC Motors  
      BLDC       Brushless DC  Motors
      SynRM    Switched Reluctance Motors
Standard: CANopen, Modbus RTU. Add-on: EtherNet IP, DeviceNet, Profibus DP, Profinet, Modbus TCP, EtherCat, Encoders, xIO, Relay
MOOG   - DS2020   Combitronic, EtherCat, 2-48A, 96A Peak
              - DM2020 .CANopen, EtherCat,  2-128A, 256A 
        Preferred Gears:
Grove Gear - Worm Gear Reducers
Grove Gear Ironman GR / NH Series - Cast Iron
Lenze  -  High Efficiency Helical
SEW Eurodrive High Efficiency Helical
SITI Power Transmission  Worm, Planetary, Helical, Variator Mechnical Speed Control

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