Bauer Geared Motors - Gear Motors
Emod Motoren - Electric Motors
Empire Magnetics - Special Environment Motors
Getty’s Motors - Machine Tool Replacement Motors
KEB - Gear Motors and Servo Motors
Lafert - IEC Gear Motors, Drives
Leeson Motors - NEMA Electric Motors and Controls
Lenze - IEC Gear Motors, Drives
Sesame Motor - OEM AC Motors, Brake Motors, Gears
SEW Eurodrive - IEC Gear Motors, Drives
Delta Static VAR Generator - 300 and 500 kVAR
   Reduces harmonic distortion
   Balances non-linear loads
   Improves power usage efficiency
   Avoids penalties due to low power factor
   Stable power provides stable operation
Delta Digital Power Meter  -  Analysis Tool
Bardac VFD - AC Drives 0.5 to 350 HP, DC Drives 0.5 to 2000 HP
Variable Frequency Drive VFD            $$
Delta C2000 - Fractional to 630HP / 840kW
  Built-in DC Reactor / Built-in DC Filter
  Built-in PLC / Built-in Brake / Clock
  Modbus RTU(std), Modbus TCP Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, CAN 402
  Various PG (encoder) feedback card / Position Control
  Supports both Synchronous and Asynchronous motors
Preferred Gears
Grove Gear - Worm Gear Reducers
Grove Gear Ironman GR / NH Series - Cast Iron
Lenze  -  High Efficiency Helical
SEW Eurodrive – High Efficiency Helicalal